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Sangeo Collagen Serum Ingredients:

Sangeo Serum has a great set of ingredients, but they’re pretty much all centered around supporting and amplifying the effects of Collagen.  Before we jump into the rest of the formula, let’s focus on Collagen, and why it’s so pivotal. 

Collagen – Like we mentioned on the main page, Collagen is pivotal in maintaining and producing great looking skin.  Used topically, it’s thought to boost collagen production and repair.  That, in turn, has a series of benefits that cover just about everything from aesthetic appearance, to function.  One of the biggest benefits for us is how it works to improve skin barrier integrity.  That means your skin can better guard against damage, and even prevent moisture loss through the skin, which is a major cause of visible wrinkles.

Peptides – If Collagen is the caped crusader, then peptides is the trusty side kick.  It works where collagen leaves off, helping to prevent moisture loss across skin layers, and even working to restore lost moisture to those layers.  That means better hydrated, and more beautiful looking skin.

Sangeo SerumDoes Sangeo Serum Have Side Effects?

Side effects can be common in the more fast-acting variety of skincare products, but for ones like Sangeo Serum, can you really expect any?  Not really, but as with any skincare product, there is the potential for side effects.  People seem to have allergies to everything, and that includes skincare ingredients like the ones featured in this formula.  While they haven’t exactly advertised any side effects for Sangeo Collagen Serum, we would expect that there might be at least a few.  If you want to try the product and have known skin allergies, we recommend that you first talk with your dermatologist, or at least try the product away from your face first.

Sangeo Serum Reviews

Finding reviews is tough these days.  With any trendy product comes the inevitable laundry list of reviews for that product.  They try to capitalize on that popularity, and make a few bucks selling another “better” product.  So finding these reviews despite all that mess can be tricky, to say the least.  We have found a good solution though, and it’s not going to be one that a lot of you like….patience.  That’s right, we’re going to have to wait until this one gets picked up and talked about by more real people.  Until then, we’ll be on the hunt looking for real user reviews for Sangeo Serum, and hope to keep this and the main Sangeo page updated as we find them.

Sangeo Contact Information

If you’re trying to contact Sangeo, then your best bet is to bookmark the trial page, and write down the trial information found there.  We’re going to keep the information we’ve found on hand here, and try to keep it updated, but there’s no guarantee that this information will be accurate, or accurate for very long, so keep that in mind.  Here’s what we know;

The company in charge of the trial is called Kesa LLC.  The support email they have listed is, but we haven’t tried contacting them via the email.  They do also have a phone number listed, at +1(888)794-1291.  They say to contact them for cancellations or returns at any time, so if you need to contact them, best of luck!

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